1 year ago

28 October, 2016

Building 8, Level 8, Room 2

Organised by:
Society of Communications (SocCom)

Once again, it's that exciting time of the year when you hear executive reports, propose motions and amendments and elect your 2017 executive committee!

• President's Report
• Treasuer's Report
• Social's Report
• Marketing Report
• Votes for Motions & Amendments
• Secret Ballot to Elect 2017 UTSoC Committee

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And as tradition, we're opening up

To apply, email hello@utsoc.com.au with an application statement outlining the reasons for applying and your plans for the role. You are allowed to apply for more than one position. You must submit by the 26th of October, 5pm. Nominees will be announced thereafter.

Roles Include:
PRESIDENT - oversees the leadership and governance considerations to activities and annual administrations of UTSoC.

VICE PRESIDENT - assists the President in leadership and governance considerations to activities.

SECRETARY - provides administrative support to the activities of UTSoC, including calling meetings, taking minutes and preparing agendas and all relevant documentation.

TREASURER - keeps and maintain all club financial records, including petty cash, cheque books and receipt books. The Treasurer is responsible for managing, budgeting and accounting for the finances of UTSoC.

SOCIALS DIRECTOR - oversees the planning and execution of UTSoC social initiatives.

CAREERS DIRECTOR - oversees the planning and execution of UTSoC careers, education and training initiatives.

MARKETING DIRECTOR - responsible for maintaining all UTSoC social media channels and providing promotional support to UTSoC initiatives.

PUBLICATIONS DIRECTOR - responsible for maintaining a consistent and engaging presence on the UTSoC blog and seeking further opportunities for UTSoC publishing.

CREATIVE DIRECTOR - responsible for producing UTSoC graphics and branding for events, website and publications.

SOCIAL JUSTICE DIRECTOR - responsible for the planning and execution of all UTSoC social justice initiatives.

EXTERNAL RELATIONS DIRECTOR* - responsible for researching, recommending, securing and managing sponsorship agreements on behalf of UTSoC to the benefit of both members and the society.

*The availability of this position is subject to a vote.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email hello@utsoc.com.au.


The following motions have been submitted and will be passed or rejected through a democratic voting system.

Changes to Executive Committee Structure: The UTSoC constitution outlines that the Executive Committee will comprise of President and Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Creative Director, Events Director, Marketing Director, Publications Director and Careers Director and Social Justice Director. The motion proposes that the new Executive Committee structure will comprise of President and Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Socials Director, Careers Director, Creative Director, Marketing Director, Publications Director, Social Justice Director and External Relations Director.

See you then!