1 year ago

18 October, 2016

The Big Lift

Organised by:
The Big Lift

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, oven pop and bakers double!

Over the last few bake sales a lot of muffins and brownies had been consumed and we naively thought that was that. We thought we had seen the last of them after the last deliciousness crumbs were eaten …

*lightning strikes*


*dramatic organ music plays*

The muffins are back from the dead in zombie form for the upcoming month of Halloween shenanigans! That’s right, The Big Lift has partnered up with EngSoc to host a Halloween themed bake sale that’ll give you a fright (and then a scrumptious delight)!

So join us at our famous Concourse Baking Stall to celebrate Halloween the best way possible – eating sugary, Halloween themed snacks :)

<<-------------- EVENT DETAILS ---------->>

LOCATION: Level 3 Concourse, Building 1
TIME: 10AM to 3PM
DATE: Tuesday, 18th October


Also make sure to check out Nightmare before StuVac being held EngSoc, UTSoc, UTS Business Society, and the BCII:Connect Society! Definitely have a spook at their facebook event page for details. Tickets are on sale now!