1 year ago

20 October, 2016

The Underground UTS

Organised by:
Journalism Society (UTSJSOC)

One has pneumonia, the other is an egomaniac. One tweets bluster, the other uses email in a mildly dodgy fashion. Both have approval ratings lower than you’d find under a joint Abbott-Rudd premiership, and they’re both older than your grandparents and this is just the President and Vice President of Journalism Society.

Come drink your sorrows at the state of the free world away with your fellow politically-minded Aussie-hacks-who-know-too-much-about-the-politics-of-other-nations at The Underground. Oh, we’ll also be playing the third US Presidential Debate, with a 7.5 hour delay (no spoilers) and dependent on who wins in November, this could very well be the last presidential debate ever #NuclearCodesJoke.

As democracy implodes, we’ll play Trump bingo, a classified drinking game and ‘guess how quickly the stock market will plummet when Wolf Blitzer declares Trump the debate winner’.

This event is being hosted for members of the UTS Journalism Society, UTS Australian Republic Club, UTS ALP Club and UTS Liberal Club.
Not in one of those societies? Srsly, why not? Just tag along anyway.

If you can’t make it; Delete your account.