1 year ago

20 September, 2016

UTS CB 10.02.340

Organised by:
Muslim Society (UTSMS)

The legacy of Islam rests on the life of one man: the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.

Yet how much do we know of the life of the Prophet SAW? Of the life of a man that ought to guide our every footstep? A man that has inspired men and women to spread Islam to the ends of the earth, building empires upon the message of worshipping one Lord and following his messenger.
A man so great his enemies would testify to his trustworthiness, so humble he would enter victor to the city of his persecution with his head bowed down.

The greatness of Islam- its numerous legacies built by the Sahabah to its late golden age, its immense numbers of followers today, and on the day of Judgement- are all a reflection of the message of one man.

And so we start off our week of celebrating Islamic achievements with a concise crash course into the life of the Prophet who inspired it all.

This free workshop will be headed by Sheikh Elsayed Kandil who recently completed his PHD in Sharia from Eqypt.
Don’t to miss out on the wealth of knowledge he will impart in this blessed gathering!