1 year ago

19 September, 2016

UTSMS - UTS Muslim Society

Organised by:
Muslim Society (UTSMS)

Assalamu alaykum all! And welcome to Islamic Awareness Week at UTS!

The great figures of Islamic history have left behind a legacy so tremendous that today billions of Muslims benefit by their contributions, with none greater than the Prophet Muhammad SAW. The pathway these leaders have constructed paved a way for the greatest expansion of an empire ever seen. From the expansion of Islam under the righteous Caliphs we hear tales of an era so seemingly distant from our current reality.

Yet the Golden age of Islam was an existence not too far from our own. From a period of time where the individual rights and freedoms given under Islam caused others to long for Muslim rulers to conquer their own land (Imagine!) - to an era in which the Dark Ages permeated the West whilst important discoveries and building blocks of modern civilisation came out of the Muslim world.

UTS Muslim Society seeks to immerse you in a week of travelling to an era so bright they couldn’t even keep it in the history books. We celebrate the legacy of a religion that brought light to the world; through its scholars, its ground-breaking technological and scientific advancements, and it’s more recent contributions such as hsps.

Watch this space as we bring you an exciting week of events! Also there will be free snack-packs.