1 year ago

9 September, 2016

The Station

Organised by:
Debating Society (DebSoc)

Gear up everyone - UTS Debating Society is hosting an event completely unrelated to debating! (Read: this never happens. We are very excited). Reasons you should come along:

1. It will be a splendid opportunity to see debaters out of their natural tournament habitat. It doesn’t happen often but when it does, there is no greater fulfilment of the phrase “fish out of water”.
2. Trivia is damn fun! Especially when the quizmaster is none other than Mr Timothy Wheatley.
3. It’s only $5 - your university education is a lot more expensive but a lot less valuable than this.
4. Let’s face it, you’re struggling to think of anything even mildly more enjoyable to do on a Friday night. And if you are, I doubt it involves winning prizes for naming the one country that starts with O (Oops - spoiler).
5. It's in the city anyway so if it’s shit you can just go somewhere else.

We’re doing away with the age-old tradition of neatly categorised trivia rounds and allowing Tim to realise his dream of quizzing people endlessly on memes (it’s ok fam - we’ve limited him to two meme questions).

Some important need-to-knows...

WHERE: The Station (a function room), 58 Bowman St, Pyrmont (if you are struggling to find us - it’s right next to an indoor swimming pool). You can catch the light rail from Central to John St Square and it’s a 3 minute walk from there. Any losties can call Tim on 0430522556 or Laura on 0431615866.

TEAMS: Rego in teams of no greater than 5 people. But do not be afraid if you’re the only one of your friends clever enough to want to come along! Just rego as an individual and we’ll put you in a team :) Please register by Wednesday 7th September using the following link https://goo.gl/forms/UxDgengT2CO47LHg2

COST: I mentioned this above but for the penny-savers out there who jumped straight to the price - it’s five bucks.

FOOD/DRINKS: We will be providing food but drinks are BYO (within reason boiz). We intend to kick on afterwards to the Pyrmont Bridge Hotel (or The Star if we’re feeling particularly self-destructive)

WHY: See above. Also, support us! We’re a great society! (I know we’re not BSoc or the LSS but we promise we’re just as cool).

This event is not just for UTS students - feel free to share this event with your mates, your parents and your dentist. Everyone is welcome!