1 year ago

1 September, 2016


Organised by:
Debating Society (DebSoc)

Let's kick it ladies! Women's is just around the corner and we need to select our contingent. If you are interested in trialling, please read the information below and fill out the rego form :)


WHAT: The Australasian Women's Debating Championships is a tournament held annually for female and non-binary identifying individuals. The tournament is held in British-Parliamentary style which involves four teams of two speakers in each debate. (Do not worry if this style of debating is new to you, we will have some training sessions during internals before we go!)

WHERE: This year Women's will be co-hosted by Monash University and Deakin University in Melbourne.

WHEN: The tournament will be held from Friday 23rd September to Monday 26th September (weekend in between Week 7 and 8 of Semester 2).

COST: The cost of the tournament will be under $290 and there will be some university funding allocated to subsidise this cost.

Follow this link to the Monash/Deakin AWDC 2016 website: http://womens.monashdebaters.com/


We have been allocated 2 teams and 1 adjudicator position for Womens. This means that we will select the best performing four debaters from the debater trials and the best adjudicator to form our Women's contingent.

Debater Trials: Debater trials will be held at UTS during internals on Thursday 1st September. Please be at uni by 5.30pm (room TBA). All trialling debaters will have to participate in at least one or two trial debates. The teams, speaking positions and motions will be allocated by the external trial adjudicator (Steph White) who will then rank the top four trialling debaters based on their performance on the day.

Adjudicator Trials: Adjudicator trials will be held during internals at UTS on Thursday 8th September, 2016 from 6pm. All trialling adjudicators will be required to watch a debate, prepare notes and an adjudication. Whether the debate is live or recorded is to the discretion of the trial adjudicator (Vail Bromberger). Candidates will then be interviewed by the trial adjudicator and the best performing candidate will be offered our adjudicator's position.

You can select to trial as a debater, adjudicator or both. If you are not successful as a debater in trials, you can then trial the following Thursday as an adjudicator.

REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE AT 11.59PM on SUNDAY 28TH AUGUST, 2016. Please complete this form by then if you intend to trial.

REGO LINK (note: additional info can be found in the description on this form): https://goo.gl/forms/nowIcSocaBxkW68E2

The trial manager for Womens is Equity Officer, Laura Purcell so if you have any questions - ask away! You can send me a message on Facebook, email me at equity@debating.activateuts.com.au or text/call me on 0431615866.