2 years ago

15 October, 2015


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Women in Leadership is an issue that we don’t think about everyday.

There are national initiatives that are dedicated to support young female leaders throughout the Australian Industry and Community.
However what more can be done for the Australian Youth today?

AIESEC in UTS will be hosting a YouthSpeak workshop to help young leaders to develop and understand the issues of today.
An expert facilitator from AIESEC Australia has been invited to facilitate an interactive workshop to provide a better understanding of this issue and the steps that can be taken by Australian Youth to address this issue in todays society.

We invite you to come and challenge this issue and take a stand for Leadership in Women as the Australian Youth. Discover what leadership capabilities can we develop in ourselves and others to ensure that we can effectively manage and act upon the challenges of the life and careers of women.

Secure your spot now at: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/youthspeak-workshop-women-in-leadership-tickets-18974695826

Take a stand and join us in this event.
Youthspeak is powered by AIESEC in UTS, Supported by UTS BUiLD.