2 years ago

23 October, 2015


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Does the media truly depict reality?
How does the media influence your perception of the world?

What can we do as young people, as young leaders, to learn more about the world beyond the media?

AIESEC in UTS will be hosting our second YouthSpeak workshop to discuss this issue more in-depth and to challenge what it means for us as Young Australians. Through this workshop, you will understand how media affects our perception of the world around us, specifically in the Middle East and Indonesia, how stereotypes affect us and how we can go forward to do something about it.

In this workshop you’ll be able to:
- Learn how to be media literate
- Learn to evaluate media messages based on your own experiences, skills and values
- Discover new ways of learning and thinking critically about the media
- Learn what you can do to tackle this issue

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Take a stand and learn about the world beyond the media, and learn what the world has to offer.

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