3 years ago

25 May, 2015

UTS: University of Technology Sydney

Organised by:
UTS Muslim Society (UTSMS)


The alchemy of happiness is a recipe trialled and tested through millennia. In an increasingly materialistic society we see the dumb leading the blind into a devastatingly deep pool of worldly deception. The enjoining of good and the voices of reason are misplaced amidst the uproar of temporary temptation. The pursuit of happiness has been commercialised to the material, the possibilities of our market value has seen us chasing a form of pseudo happiness.

Yet even ‘happiness’ is temporary, even happiness is a weak personal construct without the embedded foundations of divine instruction. We are perhaps under a false presumption that our contentment will be found within acts of hidden submission unfollowed by the direction of our worldly life. A false dichotomy of Deen versus Dunya. Islam is more than the physical expanse of its five pillars, it is an encompassing and holistic way of life.

As students we may at times find ourselves misplaced. Forgetting that true happiness is when our Deen is a true reflection of our Dunya and our/the Dunya of our Deen. Not only for ourselves, but in affecting those around us. This years first Islamic Awareness Week will bring ‘The Alchemy of Happiness’, so you yourself can reach your personal recipe of success.


Talk: SELF IDENTITY: reconciling your faith
Speaker: Ustadh Abdul Hadi
Description: Kick-starting our week with an ever-so-relevant topic of how to reconcile your faith. Ustadh Abdul Hadi will be going through an interactive talk which will cover:
- The importance of holding on to your Islamic identity
- How to hold on to your Islamic Identity in a university environment where the Haram is constantly always pushed in your direction
- How to balance your deen and dunya, is there even a need to balance it? Or is your deen and dunya inter-related?

Free Breakfast! on the concourse
8am - 10am
Description: Free breakfast! Is there anything else to say?

MAIN TALK: The Alchemy Of Happiness
12:30 - 2pm
Speakers: Sr. Hanan Dover & Br. Sufyan Badr
Description: What leads to man’s misery? Why does it lead to man’s misery? What is the scope of the problem? Problem with secularism and lack of religiosity? What is the Islamic idea of happiness? How does it seek to solve the problem of man?
A promising talk by 2 engaging speakers.

Students Discussion Circle
2pm - 3pm
Location TBC
Description: A discussion circle with UTS Atheist will be held where students from each group get together to discuss relevant issues.

Panel: The Pursuit of Happiness
2:30pm - 4pm
Description: A panel of Reverts to Islam who will be giving their thoughts about the theme for our IAW. It is promised to be an insightful talk. Lunch will be provided.