3 years ago

4 July, 2015

UTSMS - UTS Muslim Society

Organised by:
UTS Muslim Society (UTSMS)

*Wednesday night is THE LAST DAY to register for the Quranic Sciences workshop. Registations will close by Wednesday 12am as we have to provide a list of attendees to the university. Please register before then if you are planning to attend*

UTS presents to you a beneficial workshop on Sciences of the Quran. This is an event to learn about the book which will be your protector in the grave and ascend you in ranks in Paradise.

Comprehensive notes and a delicious Iftaar will be provided after the workshop!

Ustadh Muhammad Al-Bizry

UTS, Broadway Campus, Building 02, Level 4, Room 29

9am- 4.30pm
Saturday 4th July/ 17 or 18th of Ramadhan

$20 for a single ticket
$30 for 2 tickets

Purchase tickets ASAP at:

Topics covered include:
Miracles of the Quran
The method of revelation
Compilation and preservation
The Mushafs
Various recitations
Makkee vs Madani
Abrogated Verses

Please purchase tickets as soon as possible prior to the event!