3 years ago

13 October, 2015

UTSMS - UTS Muslim Society

Organised by:
UTS Muslim Society (UTSMS)

It is upon us once more! A day of consumption that no Islamic Awareness Week is totally complete without. A day, brothers and sisters, where the effect of the sweet calories you consume has no effect on your weight because you will justify it by increasing by the amount of good deeds you are buying. For every cent you spend on our decadent desserts, you will be raising money for Syrian refugees, it can be no greater a win/win situation.

Unless, of course, you are of aspirations so noble that nothing will do but the making of your very own edible creation. Not only will you receive the rewards of aiding those who need your help, but that of every purchase made of your culinary accomplishment.

This is not just any bake sale, this is the celebration of homemade deliciousness that will gain you deeds all that other consumerist junk never can. This, will be a cutthroat battle of bakes of those who have poured their blood, sweat and tears into their concoctions. Every vicious baker, as they always are, will face the judgement of yourself on their creations.

These are the rules:
1. You will bake
2. Some will buy
3. Opinions taken
4. Points given, out of 5
5. Achiever of the highest points will receive a prize, $500, 000 in cash and a cookbook deal.

All of which will be rewarded except the last two.

Your dish will be added and marked along a series of intense statistical calculations, hence determining the pinnacle of UTSMS's culinary expertise. Who will become Bakery royalty? This last installment featuring YOU next Tuesday!

Be there or be square.