2 years ago

16 March, 2016

UTS: University of Technology Sydney

Organised by:
Muslim Society (UTSMS)

Assalamu Alaikum!
Newcomers and students of old, welcome to the strange airways that be life on campus. We at UTS Muslim Society are here to help guide you through what may first seem like the dizzying runway of university existence.

With you dives forth a dedicated and friendly MSA to bring you exciting events and endless opportunities to reconnect with the Muslim community on campus, delve into your own spirituality and make long-lasting friends and memories.

At UTSMS we administer to the needs of, and represent Muslim students on campus. We provide you with that opportunity to network and bond with your brothers and sisters, gain knowledge and have fun at our numerous events and activities held. From charity dinners and campaigns, Islamic talks, interfaith events and social and sporting outings, we cannot wait to meet you at our exciting and upcoming events where you can be a part of our tight-knit, warm community.

Come by and grab some free food, drinks, show bags and register as a member!

We are looking forward to meeting you!

When: 16 March, 9am-4pm
Where: UTS Tower Building