2 years ago

6 April, 2016

Uts Alumni Green

Organised by:
Muslim Society (UTSMS)

Assalamu alaykum sisters!

The first couple weeks of the semester have gone by and we hope you have settled into university existence. After a particularly endless break we understand that suddenly being enveloped by classes, assignments and dreaded group assignments in some semblance of adult responsibilities can be a bit overwhelming.
Fortunately, we got your back girl.

In our first event of the year we’re inviting you to a stress-relieving, taste-bud gratifying and well-deserved gathering with the sisters of UTSMS, and you guessed it, Pizza.

Join us as we sit together, surround ourselves with beautiful company and strengthen the sisterhood of UTS Muslim society. You’ll get to hear about and get involved in all the exciting events we have planned this year, learn about the facilities we offer and ask us the questions you may have. But most importantly you’ll join us as we gather to celebrate the beauty of Islam and sisterhood, and a few slices of pizza for good measure.

Just bring yourself and a smile.

We look super forward to meeting you : )

- UTSMS Sisters