2 years ago

2 June, 2016

UTS- Building 11 Level 4 Room 102

Organised by:
BUiLD Student Society

Unlock YOUR human potential by attending this inspiring seminar and hear from some of the world’s leaders in sports and exercise science and elite human performance coaching across sport, culture, military and business settings.

These three professionals are at the top of their game, but they all began somewhere – exactly where you are today! They will share their Australian, international and stratospheric journeys, giving you vital tips to kickstart your own extraordinary career.

This panel will be appeal to all UTS students who are interested in maximising their potential, and in particular, to those studying sport and exercise science.

Presented by UTS:BUiLD, UTS:CAREERS and ActivateUTS

Panellists include:

Dr Andrew Walsh (Andy) – Director of High Performance for Red Bull (Los Angeles)

Andy is a globally recognized leader and expert in the field of elite human performance. For over 20 years the Australian native has been focused on the goal of “de-mystifying talent” by researching and training individuals and teams across a vast network of world-class programs in sport, culture, military and business settings. With a Ph.D in applied biomechanics (the science of movement) and applied coaching expertise in performance, Walsh helps deliver pragmatic solutions to exploring all aspects of human potential. He was the performance manager for Red Bull Stratos, a record-breaking space-diving project involving Australian skydiver Felix Baumgartner that was successfully executed in 2012.

Matthew Jeffriess - Strength and Conditioning Coach and Rehabilitation Coordinator for the NRL referees (Sydney)

Matthew is a current UTS PhD Candidate looking into the Factors Influencing Elite Rugby League Referee Performance. Matthew is also a regular contributor to publications found on The Official Research Journal of the National Strength and conditioning Association, and practices his research on a daily basis, in his capacity as the Strength and Conditioning Coach and Rehabilitation Coordinator for the NRL referees.