2 years ago

13 May, 2016


Organised by:
Journalism Society (UTSJSOC)

Channel J is the UTS Journalism Society's digital TV station. We are run by students for students. At Channel J, we seek to challenge our audience and unravel their expectations of how stories can be told. If you want to learn how to do this, come along to our preliminary training session this Friday May 13th!

If you have been meaning to sign up or have signed up and have been sitting on the backbench, now's your time to skill up and get to know the rest of the team. We'll be doing some icebreakers, having a brief talk about branding, skills, and expectations, and finally doing a small pitching workshop in teams.

Cost: Free for Channel J Members, $5 for UTS Journalism Society Members, and $10 for non-members (includes membership, access to equipment, and training for the year).

If you have any questions, please PM the page or email journalism@activateuts.com.au