3 years ago

30 July, 2015

Sydney TAFE - Ultimo College

Organised by:
BUiLD Student Society

Would YOU like to be a lifesaver?

Did you know that every blood donation saves up to 3 lives and that Australia needs 27,000 donations PER WEEK?
Play YOUR part in saving lives today!!

And if knowing you're saving lives isn't enough, the Red Cross will give you free food for your donation as well...
(We recommend the milkshakes!!)

So if saving lives and consuming (the most amazing) milkshakes (ever) is your thing, the BSS and UTS Rotaract blood drive is the place for YOU!

Group appointments will be made for Thursday 30/7. The Mobile Blood Donor Service will be @ Ultimo TAFE.

Group will be accompanied by BSS & Rotaract Executive members from UTS Tower. To join, you must please:

1) Join this group, possible times are listed but we will do our best to accommodate everyone (https://www.facebook.com/…/126823724317910/143510535982562/…)

2) Nominate your preferred time strictly by Tuesday, 12pm

3) Fill out this quick form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1F2Jufa8mdEMrPcroSJ4-rp2tDLSbMwVgzQPJBX5pPFY/viewform
We don't want you to miss out afterall!

Final dates and times will be confirmed on Wednesday.
It's a great opportunity to give to the community and get to know some of the club execs!