3 years ago

28 May, 2015

The Underground UTS

Organised by:
BUiLD Student Society

Shhh! A party for the history books is just around the corner…

BUiLD Student Society (BSS), Med Soc UTS, UTS United Nations Society and the UTS Spanish Society have joined forces for one colossal end of semester celebration, "Barbarians vs Librarians" style.

With a monumental bar tab, pizza, sumo wrestling, DJs, acoustic acts and a photobooth this clash of clans has the ingredients to be a bloody big one!

If that doesn't already dewey-t for you, early ticket buyers will receive a free themed cocktail thanks to Activate UTS. "Infinite Zest" anyone?

Start growing your facial hair, sharpen your swords and dust off your spectacles; there are best dressed prizes to be won on the night.

Date: Thursday, May 28
Time: 7pm 'til late
Venue: The Underground UTS
Cost: $15 Members | $20 Non-Members

Tickets are available online (https://goo.gl/g2gO3f) or at the Activate HQ.

This event is proudly supported by Sci v Sci, ACES UTS, ESAC UTS, HUTS, UTS Revue Society and the UTS Society of Communications. Members of these affiliated societies will also receive discounted tickets.

Club memberships will be checked and Under 18’s will be issued a wristband at the front door. Stay tuned for more details!