3 years ago

25 August, 2015


Organised by:
UTS MedSoc

All members are formally invited to our upcoming Special General Meeting at the Glasshouse room in building 5 (CB05A.01.50).

This meeting is an opportunity for you to learn more about our club, how you can get involved, and voice your ideas on how we can make the society even bigger and better. This will be a great event where you can meet fellow MedSoc members and the 2015 committee. We will also be accepting new committee members for 2016!


12.00pm: Presidential Introduction:
12.05pm: An overview of semester 1
12.10pm: An overview of semester 2
12.15pm: Question time, ideas and opinions from members
12.30pm: Nomination and introduction of new committee members
12.50pm: Allocation of roles and tasks for the upcoming events
1.00pm: Meeting closes