1 year ago

20 March, 2017

UTS Backstage

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Uni is kicking off again and so are we!

That’s right, our second production of the year (handily named Slot 2) is open!

You might be a newbie this year, a returned veteran, or one of those thespians that's been at Backstage so long they remind us of those black theatre blocks that everyone had in high school - always there and endlessly needed. But whatever you are, if you want to direct, we want you to submit!

If you so choose, below are three tasks you must complete:
1. PICK YOUR PLAY: From Shakespeare to Stoppard to Strindberg to Some-obscure-but-amazing-playwright-who-only-you-have-heard-of, anything you’re keen to do, we’d love to help you with! (You MUST ensure rights are available for your chosen play prior to submission).
2. THINK BIG: How do you want the audience to react? Will they leave reflective, irrationally angry or will there be a sea of faces streaked with black mascara (yes even the men will have both tears and leaking make up).
3. GET THE FAM TOGETHER: There are three vital roles for each production: director, producer, publicist. If you wish to have additional roles (recommended) you can have as many as you like, but ideally the Big Three will be confirmed at the time of submission.

Once that's done, just download the proposal form below, fill it in and chuck it through in an email to utsbackstage@gmail.com.
Submissions close Friday 17th of March at midnight.

Interviews will be conducted thereafter at a date to be advised.
This slot will be offsite with performances in late May. There is a possibility if successful that you could influence the theatre chosen.
If you've got any queries, feel free to message us on Facebook or email utsbackstage@gmail.com.

Form: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2hS9gAXE67WYlp2UFhweVhuTzQ/view

Best of luck,
The Backstage Exec.