1 year ago

16 March, 2017

The Underground UTS

Organised by:
Quidditch Society

Have you always wanted to be sorted into a hogwarts house, but you parents insisted it wasnt possible? Never fear UTSQuidditch is here!

Now is your chance to be sorted into one of the legendary houses of hogwarts, will you be brave as gryffindor or cunning like sytherin, perhaps you will be a great thinker in ravenclaw or will you be loyal like hufflepuff, only the sorting hat can tell...

UTSQudditch is proud to present our second sorting hat event, last years was wildly sucessful with wonderful witches and wizards being welcomed into houses for the first time. We absolutely encourage you to dress up in your house colours sorted or not to join us for a bewitching night where the house prefects will be revealed, games to be played and free food to be had by all

Hogwarts is waiting for you