1 year ago

24 March, 2017

The Loft UTS

Organised by:
BCII Connect

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…*Cue massive trumpet chorus playing Star Wars’ opening theme* Daaaa DAAAA da dada DAA DAA da dada DAA DAA.

It’s been light years since the last meeting. Friends have been off exploring the Milky Way (we hear that’s what they’re calling Europe these days??), working, studying and doing other such things. It’s time for a catch up – a reuniting of forces.

BCII Connect has given a mission to our innovators and design thinkers: Mars Colonisation. Their mission is to travel to the planet to build a new innovative and sustainable city. While living there, our best innovators report back that they have discovered a new species – a colony of cute, curious and charming little aliens who are eager to learn about innovation and creativity. Together, they were able to communicate well and form a powerful community.

In order to celebrate our complete BCII community, BCII Connect brings you our first cosmically brilliant event of the year – an Out of This World themed Welcome Back Drinks party.

And let us tell you…this time it’s a big deal. Our little baby of a degree now officially has four cohorts (that’s right, you old fourth-year farts. We’re looking at you). This is the very first event at which all four intergalactic year groups will be together as one powerful, innovative and creative universe (yes, you can collectively ‘awww’ at the cuteness of it all).

Come and galax-SEE all your extra-special (or should we say extra-terrestrial) pals before the gravitational pull of semester sucks you into a hopefully pleasant black hole. If you haven’t coMET(like comet…was that a stretch?) enough cool people already, now is your chance!

Join us at the Loft space station for a night of stellar tunes and other-worldly fun and come dressed as whatever you personally think is Out Of This World and what you feel comfortable wearing. To make things even more exciting, we will have a BAR TAB on the night and the BEST DRESSED will be REWARDED!

PLEASE SIGN UP FOR 2017 MEMBERSHIP HERE BEFORE PURCHASING YOUR MEMBER TICKET: https://ticketing.qnect.co/magic/?shortname=bciiconnectmembership2017

Members: $10
Non-Members: $15
WELCOME BACK PARTY TICKETS CAN BE PURCHASED HERE: https://ticketing.qnect.co/magic/?shortname=bciiconnectwelcomebackpartyoutofthisworld

Hope to see you all there!!