1 year ago

25 March, 2017

Level 3 tower building uts

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Hey First Years!!

Firstly, congratulations on getting into a science course at UTS. It's a fantastic opportunity and you won't regret it. We, the Science Societies, are here to provide you with key events and opportunities to enrich your University life. The first of which is a first year science camp!

So, if you're looking for a perfect opportunity to make some new friends, explore what university has to offer or just an opportunity to get away from your new University responsibilities, we have the perfect event for you.

This day and night event will be the perfect chance to meet new people, participate in an amazing race style activity and a party at night!


TIME: 9.30am - 1am
DATE: Saturday 25th of march
LOCATION: UTS concourse, tower building 1
THEME: Carnival - get your colourful clothes ready!
TICKET PRICE: 1st release $30, 2nd release $35, final release $40
WHAT YOUR TICKET GETS YOU: BBQ lunch, carnival themed snacks, Pizza dinner and access to the bar tab


This is the perfect opportunity to kick start your University life in a fun and facilitated manner. So get excited because FIRST RELEASE TICKETS ARE BEING RELEASED ON THE 2nd of March

We all look forward to seeing you there,
MedSoc, Forensic Society, Science Society