1 year ago

31 March, 2017

The Underground UTS

Organised by:
Science Society

Welcome back to another year at UTS as always the science society has got you covered with out infamous pubcrawls taking you from the underground all the way to newtown with the best deals in town on a friday night. Get your labcoats on and sharpen those sharpies for a wild night every. single. time.

• 7pm leave Underground
• 8pm leave Broadway Crown
• 10pm leave Rose Hotel
• Royal Hotel closes at midnight

Party on at newtown but any actions taken will not be covered by us after midnight!

**That being said we will not tolerate any racist remarks or hate speech on labcoats, action will be taken to remove such signs and repeat offenders on the night maybe be removed from participating in the crawl for the rest of the night. **

Please remember to leave anything valuable at home or at your friends place as we cannot guarantee the safety of your belogings on the night.

We will be selling tickets night of the pubcrawl but we encourage that you buy your tickets at o'day for the best deals!