1 year ago

17 March, 2017

UTS Hiphop Society

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Hip Hop Society

Hello there!

Our local Sydney dance studio, Dancekool Studio (DK), is offering a opportunity for one lucky girl and guy to experience a helping hand with their dance endeavours.

Dancekool will be offering a 10-Class Pass Scholarship (valued at $179) to be used throughout Semester 1! DK will reserve the right to choose 5 of the classes the recipients will take, classes which DK believe will be most challenging for that person. The remaining 5 classes will be left to the discretion of the winners of the scholarship.

To qualify, post your answers to both questions in the discussion section of this event:
1. What inspires you to dance?
2.What type of classes would you take to improve your skill level?

There is no right or wrong answer! The UTSHHS Exec Team and Dancekool will choose the recipients based on who they believe would benefit the most from this scholarship. THIS EVENT IS STRICTLY FOR UTS UTS HIPHOP SOCIETY MEMBERS ONLY!



DKU - Dancekool University

Dancekool has been a big supporter to local Sydney uni dance societies including UTS Hiphop Society, D2MG, MADSOC, MODSOC, Soul Xpress, and more. DKU's mission is to provide the next generation of dancers a platform to learn and share their passion for dance with each other.

With their help we can achieve this through:
- Organizing and orchestrating co-operation with local dance societies through monthly university dance events (battles, dance workshops catered to the uni dance society scenes)
- DKU mentoring workshops, giving aspiring society members the opportunity to collaborate with prominent members of the Sydney Dance Scene

Link to Dancekool Studios Official Facebook Page