1 year ago

2 March, 2017

UTS Backstage

Organised by:

[Students enters UTS Tower Building.]

Student 1: "Gee whizz! This building sure is ugly!"
Student 2: [sighing] "You can say that again..."
Student 1: "Gee whizz! This building sure is ugly!"
[Students catch sight of the Backstage Theatre Society stand in an unspecified area, please tell us where we're supposed to be setting up, Activate.]

Student 2: "Holy heck! Edgar, who are they?!"
[Backstage Exec stand, clutching various devices with sign-up forms at the ready. They are radiant.]

Edgar: "I don't know, Hillary! Let's check it out!"
Hillary: "Yes, let's!"
[Great yielding to an offer, Hillary. Maybe you should give theatresports a go?]

Backstage Exec: [in unison] "Hi there! We're Backstage, the resident UTS Theatre Society."

O-Day is only a few weeks away on MARCH the 2nd, between the hours of 10AM and 4PM. If you're thinking of signing up, it'll only cost $5 granting you CHEAPER TICKETS to all of our events*! As well as constant updates on opportunties and events throughout 2017!

Edgar: "Do you always speak in unison? This is making me uncomfortable."
Hillary: "Yeah, same."
Backstage Exec: [in unison] "Would you like to sign up?"
[Edgar and Hillary stop to consider this proposal. What will they do next?]

Please join us to watch and partake in ACT TWO: The Sign Up.

YOU could be the star of our show... or the stage manager, or the director, or the set designer... or a stage hand, or the producer-- please just come.
It's so much easier to say this face-to-face.

*Yes, events include the big parties (Welcome Back Party TBA this wednesday)