1 year ago

21 February, 2017

VSA at Western Sydney University

Organised by:
Vietnamese Students Association


Do you wish to be part of something bigger and better whilst at university?

If you're ready to make YOUR MARK as part of Western VSA, then you should definitely consider joining our awesome committee & family as a PR!

Applications to become a Public Relations (PR) Officer is now open! As a PR Officer, you will be involved in promoting and putting the VSA name out there, helping out at our VSA events and getting the chance to project head any event of your desire!

"How do I join?!"
Fill out this form to get started on a year of awesome, unforgettable experiences and growth: https://goo.gl/forms/TTq6J3yJJAVOLTKu1



For more info/questions, come visit our stalls at Parramatta & Campbelltown happening MON-THURS and for also our awesome goodies, sign-ups/renewals, competitions/prizes and meeting new people :)

~ FAQ ~
1. Do I have to be Vietnamese to become a PR?
Nope! There is no criteria except to have a passion and dedication for VSA!

2. I'm not sure what being a PR involves?
Being a Public Relations officer is a rewarding experience to see and carry out first hand how VSA runs stalls, events at uni and in the community as well as being part of a family network.
Skill building is always encouraged and VSA can definitely help you along the way! It opens up to new opportunities to lead and organise, and participate in promoting the VSA name!

3. What is the difference between being a general VSA member and a PR?
As a general member, you are part of our VSA society with access to the cool benefits we offer and attending our public events such as food stalls to cruises!
As a PR you are part of the committee of Western VSA that helps make all the magic of our events happen! You are a key member for innovative and new events, helping out at these events and engaging closely with other VSA teams to get the VSA name out there to the community while developing lifelong friendships!

4. How can I get further information?
You can come visit us at our O-Week stalls at Parramatta and Campbelltown campus during 20-23 February 10-2PM!
If you can't make it, we are also contactable via Facebook at "VSA at Western Sydney University" - all you have to do is shoot us a message!