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22 March, 2017

UTS Law Students' Society

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UTS Law Students Society

The UTS LSS invites you to register for Open competitions in Autumn at https://aesthetix.wufoo.com/forms/z1hbfn6q1fwzgit/


Law competitions are a fun and exciting way to develop your legal knowledge & professional skills outside the classroom. In addition to this, competitions give you the opportunity to build upon your CV qualifications, meet other law students & faculty members, progress onto intervarsity competitions, and enjoy your degree!

This may be a lengthy Facebook event but this is your one-stop-shop for all things Comps this semester. Here you will find information and registration links for:
- All Open competitions
- All Subject Moots
- All Intervarsity Competitions
- Mediation Competition
- Paper Presentation Competition
- Partner search
- Volunteer witnessing/client-ing (GREAT FOR JUNIORS); and
- Judging Workshops.

Please note that the UTS LSS is offering an email alert system prior to registration. Provide your email address (by following the link) to receive a reminder when your chosen competition opens. This is particularly useful for those wishing to enter certain subject moots & intervarsity competitions.

The following competitions are held each week from the 3rd of April. You may register from the 20th of February. Please note that registrations will close on the 27th of March.
- Open Client Interview – held on MONDAY
- Open Mooting – held on TUESDAY
- Open Negotiation – held on WEDNESDAY
- Open Witness Examination – held on THURSDAY

Please note that Open Competitions are open to all students.
Junior Competitions (run in SPRING) are limited to students who:
- Commenced their law degrees in 2016 or 2017, AND
- Have not competed in the respective competition previously.

The following Subject Moots will be held in Autumn. You may register 5 weeks prior to the competition.
- Varnharm Torts Moot – 24-26th March
- Ashurst Equity Moot – 7-9th April
- King & Wood Mallesons Legal Technology Moot – 5-7th of May
- Maddocks Contracts Moot – 2-4th of June
All Subject Moots are open to all levels of experience.

- Clayton Utz Intervarsity Negotiation Competition – 27-28th of May: register from the 14th of April via this link: https://aesthetix.wufoo.com/forms/rbn24kp1jdvp23/
Note: applications close 29 April
- Golden Gavel Competition – register from the 1st of March via this link: https://aesthetix.wufoo.com/forms/w7t9v5u03x02vq/
Note: applications close 25th March
- Allen & Overy Private Law Moot - Saturday 20th May – Monday 22nd May at UNSW: Registrations are NOW OPEN via this link: https://aesthetix.wufoo.com/forms/2017-allen-overy-private-law-moota/
Note: applications close 5pm Monday 10th April, with the Problem Question being released Monday 17th April.

Register for the Mediation Competition from the 27th of March via this link: https://aesthetix.wufoo.com/forms/kx3yrap1rw1e2e/

Please note that if you wish to compete in the Mediation Competition, it is a prerequisite that at least one member of each team has completed in either Dispute Resolution Advocacy (76052) or Dispute Resolution (79771)

The Paper Presentation Competition is a fantastic way to get you to ALSA whilst finessing your essay writing and oral communication skills.

If you’re interested in competing please register via https://aesthetix.wufoo.com/forms/z1hbfn6q1fwzgit/ and keep an eye out for the information session due to be held in week 3. Papers will likely be due on the 30th of April.

Information session to be held on the Tuesday the 28th of March from 12pm in the Glasshouse. This will be a great opportunity to have any of your questions answered as we will be going over the rules, expectations, and 2016 ALSA representative Scott Preswick will be talking about his experience.

If you require a partner to compete, please register for our Partner Search. We may be able to match you with someone of similar experience and availability:

If you would like to volunteer as a witness and/or client, please join the Student Volunteer Committee:

The UTS LSS invites you to apply to become a student judge: https://aesthetix.wufoo.com/forms/p1guyj9r0vzo5ez/

If you are interested in joining our impressive student judge circuit, the UTS LSS invites you to apply via the link above and subsequently attend one of our judging workshops (attendance at which is mandatory for induction into the exclusive judge family).

In these workshops, you will be taught the skills and strategies to successfully and confidently adjudicate our rounds.

Why judge?
Judging is both attractive on a CV, and undisputedly the best way to develop your skills in that competition.

Workshops will be held in Week 1 in the Glasshouse (Building 5A) so that you will feel prepared come week three when the competitions start. Further information regarding the time for each workshop will be posted closer to the date

Judging workshop times:
− Client Interviewing: Monday 27th March at 2:30pm
− Mooting: Tuesday 28th March at 11:00am
− Negotiation: Wednesday 29th March at 5:00pm
− Witness Examination: Thursday 30th March at 11:00am

If you cannot make any of these sessions but still wish to judge, please get in contact with the director of that competition.

For any unanswered questions or further information please visit the Competitions section of the UTS LSS Website here: http://www.utslss.com/competitions/

You can also contact the following UTS LSS Council members:
- Emily Paterson, Vice President (Competitions) & coordinator for Advice Writing (vpc@utslss.com)
- Michael Mulvenna, Mooting Director (mooting@utslss.com)
- Hugh Wilson and Jonathon Hetherington, Subject Mooting Directors (subjectmootingteam@utslss.com>
- Anthony Guerrieri, Witness Examination Director (witex@utslss.com)
- Jackson Kang, Client Interview Director (ci@utslss.com)
- Peter Tryfonopolous, Negotiation/Mediation Director (negotiation@utslss.com)
- Jack Collins, Intervarsity Competitions Director (intervarsity.competitions@utslss.com)