2 years ago

30 May, 2016

Dr Chau Chak Wing Building level 8 room 8.03 - Ultimo, NSW 2007

Organised by:
Postgraduate Business Society

LinkedIn has more than 8 million users in Australia and becomes more and more a must for professionals. 77% of all jobs in Australia are marketed on LinkedIn.

How to create a professional LinkedIn profile
How to effectively use LinkedIn to apply for jobs
How to create a stong personal brand through LinkedIn
How to use the LinkedIn alumni tool

Register on the link above.

To take full advantage of the workshop contents, make sure that you already have a LinkedIn profile up and running.

Need help setting up an account? Register for LinkedIn Lab before the event and a career consultant can help you set up your profile.

And after the workshop we are going to offer free food and drinks. Perfect moment to do some networking.