2 years ago

3 May, 2016

UNSW Matthews Building 310

Organised by:
Photography Society (PhotoSoc)

Date: 3/05/2016
Time: 4pm - 6pm
Location: UNSW Matthews Building 310

This special event guest workshop is about managing your photography online.

David Ma has wasted a lot of time online (he runs http://reddit.com/r/photography), and he’s here to save you some time so you don’t make the same mistakes he did.

1 hour lecture to cover:
- What internet services are out there for photographers?
- Which ones are worth using?
- Why would you use these services?
- Instagram workflow, apps, tips and tricks.
- Instagram communities and events.

1 hour workshop:
- Help people register a domain
- Set up a website on a host
- Point the domain at the host
- Set up a custom email (if there is time)

Remember to bring a laptop which you can work on.

The workshop is particularly valuable as an in-person workshop because registering a website and pointing it at a host is very easy for someone who’s done it before, but you can waste hours or even days banging your head against a wall if you’ve never done it before.

*This event is open to UNSW PhotoClub members and UTS Photography Society members only.
** New members are welcome to sign up before any of our events.

Point of Contact:
Bec: +61 421988488