2 years ago

17 August, 2016

UTS Library (Room 5g)

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Come along to our first meeting of the session to get involved! We will be voting in the exec positions as well as taking in all of your ideas and planning how we're going to make them happen.

Hopefully by now you've also met some of our key members from Session 1, so the time has come now to make democracy happen and vote for the execs!

Positions Include:
- President
- Secretary
- Treasurer

We are always looking for new members (and old) to step up and take up the key positions in our society! We also need members to attend this very important meeting so that you can all get a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes action required to run a society at UTS.

Here at EcoSoc, we believe that enthusiasm, motivation and commitment are key qualities required of our leaders. Our execs need to be able to meet deadlines and constantly make sure that our society is on track and meeting our goals. The titles may sound fancy, but it's not a glamorous job (trust us).

While we only have a few key roles in our exec body, we also need other members to help us run the society. These members volunteer their time to help run events and coordinate activities. Our EcoSoc Committee currently has around 7 people and they help with various roles such as Marketing/Social Media.

We are also currently in need of someone to take up a Design role in EcoSoc.

Everyone is ecouraged to come along so that we can collaborate and share suggestions to make EcoSoc become the society you have always dreamed to be a part of. No need to come prepared, just rock up on the day.

Feel free to message EcoSoc UTS for more info.