2 years ago

7 May, 2016

UTS: University of Technology Sydney

Organised by:
Hong Kong Students' Association (HKSA)


想食香港特色小食咖哩魚蛋? 鹵水雞翼?茶葉蛋?格仔餅?再加埋杯香噴噴既港式奶茶...一路飲...一路睇住今年拎左香港電影金像獎頒獎既《踏血尋梅》?

嘩! 講起都肚餓添....
如果你都有同感既話就一於參加我地黎緊既movie + Hong Kong Food night la...

時間: 6:00 PM, 7/5/2016 星期六
地點: CB07.02.025
費用: 會員: $2 ; 非會員: $7

Hey guys~
Ready for our next event? We ould like to invite you to spend a night with us to watch an amazing movie and you won't regret it! The movie we are gonna watch is called "Port of Call", casted by Aaron Kwok and Elaine Jin. Port of Call currently received 19 awards in different ceremonies, including the Hong Kong Film Awards and Golden Horse Awards. Aaron Kwok and Jessie Li also received the Best Actor and Actress in several ceremonies based on their performance in the movie!

Our committees are going to also provide Hong Kong street food for you guys after the movie (including: fish balls, marinated chicken wings, tea eggs, egg puff and milk tea). Do not miss your chance to try our amazing cooking skills! Great movie and awesome food on a Saturday night, how awesome is that? Go click attend and save yourself a seat! See you all there!

When: 6:00 PM, Saturday 7/5/2016
Where: CB07.02.025
How much: Member fee: $2 ; Non-member fee: $7