2 years ago

4 August, 2016

UTS: University of Technology Sydney

Organised by:
Hong Kong Students' Association (HKSA)

喂, 埋嚟睇埋嚟揀喇! 呢度唔係有大減價,亦唔係有夢夢捉, 但係呢度有和藹可親嘅UTS HKSA O'Day Stall! 無錯喇, 一sem一度嘅UTS O'Day又嚟喇! 新一個sem唔想再咁枯燥? 唔想再自己一個去食lunch? (淚) 嚟搵我地將會係你一生人最正確嘅決定之一! 未加入我地大家庭嘅朋友唔好走寶喇, 想知我地今個semester搞乜鬼或者想嚟吹下水我地都無任歡迎! 已經加入左的尊貴member都要嚟哦! 唔好咁生外, 過嚟同我地打聲招呼! 同埋仲有好多唔同嘅society任君選擇, 包保你呢個semester繼續多姿多彩!

邊度呀: UTS Main Tower Building (Building 1 Level 4)
幾時呀: 4th August 2016 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
幾錢呀: $5 Membership to join
仲有咩呀: 帶埋你個friend唔該

除左我地一班靚仔靚女之外, 仲會有好多免費開學用品派, 記得咪走雞喇! 咁約定你, 到時見喇!
From: UTSHKSA 全體仝人。

Hey how’s everyone doing? Hope you all had a wonderful and enjoyable semester break! And it’s time to get back to classes, tutorials, labs, assignments etc… But wait, before all of these, just come and have a nice enjoyable Clubs’ Day and refresh yourself! We will be welcoming you on the day with our lovely executives and you’d love to find out what we have prepared for you in the upcoming semester! Come and have a chat with us and you are more than welcome to join us and enjoy your membership discount around the city and make some new friends! For our dear loyal existing members, we would love to see you on the day too and you should definitely come because there are lots of freebies waiting for you to take home!

Where: UTS Tower Building (Building 1 Level 4)
When: 4th August 2016 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
How much: $5 Membership

Don’t miss out your chance to experience one of the most exciting days in UTS and we hope to see you all there!