2 years ago

11 September, 2016

Prince Alfred Park

Organised by:
Quidditch Society


Rep your house in your house colours and fight for the glory of snatching up the next win for House Cup 2016!

Like our previous House Cups during the year, the compeition will involve QUIDDITCH MATCHES BETWEEN ALL THE RIVALING HOUSES!!!
It will test the bravery of the chasers to score, the cunningness of the seekers to outwit one another, the wisdom of strategy of the beaters and loyalty of the keepers to guard the hoops!

Games will begin at 2pm and your prefects will be organising you for the day. All matches will be wrap only (no tackle) and houses not playing will be providing refs and a snitch.

If you haven't signed up with UTS Quidditch yet and don't have a house fear not as we will be doing sign ups on the day and sorting people into houses afterwards.

Don't forget water, cleats/runners, sunscreen, quidditch fan-girling posters to support your house and lots and lots of smiles.