1 year ago

21 November, 2016


Organised by:
Revue Society

UTS Revue Society Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2016 & End of Year Party!

What a year for elections it has been!:
A More Exciting Time -vs- A Less Exciting Time but At Least He Buy’s You Flowers
Racist Dried Apricot -vs- Real Human Being with Real Human Emotions tm

But now it is time for the biggest election of the year!
The UTS Revue Society 2016 Annual General Meeting (AGM). Prepare for an unforgettable night of speeches, nominations, voting, and drinks on us. It’s your chance to become a part of the Revue exec for 2017!

Executive Team:
- President
- Vice President
- Treasurer
- Secretary
- Publicity officer
Production Team for the 2017 Revue:
- Director (up to 2)
- Producer (up to 2)
- Writing Director (up to 2)
- Vocal Director
- Acapella Director
- Video Director
- Choreographer
- Music Director

There will be an open forum to suggest new positions, nominate Honorary Members (maximum of 2) etc.

To be in the running, you simply need to fill in the Nomination form below AND EITHER print it off and bring it to the AGM OR email it to utsrevuesociety@gmail.com:

Use one form per position, AND your nomination must be seconded by a fellow Revue member and include their signature.
We will be accepting nominations until the vote occurs on the evening.

If you cannot attend and wish to proxy vote, you may select a proxy who must make their responsibility known at the start of the meeting.

If you cannot attend and wish to nominate yourself, you MUST still submit a nomination form and have the option of selecting a proxy to speak on your behalf on the night.

The Agenda for the AGM can be found here:

Celebrate the end of the year with Revue, so don’t miss out on a fun time with your fellow Revue pals and a couple of bevvies!

Looking forward to seeing you all there

Revue Exec xx