2 years ago

19 August, 2016

UTS CB08.02.002

Organised by:
United Nations Society (UNSOC)

If you want to dive into Model United Nations (MUN) or at least get a feel what MUN Conferences are like, then feel free to dip your toe in the UTS UN Society’s friendly MiniMUN Conference on the 19th of August.

Everyone was once a child (right?) and in that youth Disney characters have had an undeniable influence on our childhoods. Whether it be singing to Sebastian’s under the sea, shedding a tear at the death of Mufasa or else just cringing at the umpteenth rendition of Let it go. Regardless of where you stand, this MiniMUN is an opportunity to represent your favourite Disney Character.

The topic for our very first light hearted event will be on the issue of “Redefining Societal & Cultural Roles, Expectations and Stereotypes”. With strong opinions not only Disney Princesses but also Disney Villains the inevitable clash of these polarising ideas will no doubt result in side-splitting hilarity and a night to remember.

This MiniMUN caters to all from the absolute Novice, all the way up to Seasoned MUN Veterans.