2 years ago

28 July, 2016

The Underground UTS

Organised by:
Hip Hop Society

UTS Hiphop Society is not just full of dancers, MCs, DJs and general hiphop heads.
Many of us are also gamers. Like, hella gamers. Like, competitive level gamers.

So as a chance to do something different and get together outside of the studio, we're hosting a gaming night, complete with at least one console (PS4), and food + drinks! If anyone wants to bring anything else, let us know! Consoles, laptops, whatever! It's all welcome!

Where: UTS Underground Chalet (the cozy place near the stairs)
When: 28th July, 18:00 - 22:00

- Kai will be bringing one of his PS4s, if anyone has any game requests, hit him up.
- MAKE SURE TO BRING YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD! Or if you haven't recieved it, come get it on the night. Or feel free to come and sign up!