2 years ago

29 September, 2016


Organised by:
Hip Hop Society

A concept that unites the current B-BOY SCENE x 90s HIPHOP CIPHER VIBES

Lamaroc's BURN CIRCUIT targets positive and negative elements of the systems he's come across and presents to you a format that puts everyone on an even playing field and increases not only the chances to self-express and represent, to gain props and pay dues, but also a way to give the individual b-boy/b-girl more chances to battle and improve oneself through a basic principle of "Burn or get Burnt" with as many chances possible during the duration of the event.

*18+ Event*
<<<BURN CIRCUIT SYSTEM>>> 1 on 1 Cipher vs Battle
1. After all participants have registered, BATTLE line-ups are drawn out of a hat.
2. BURN CIRCUIT holds three (to five or depending) 30 minute heats where dancers will seek out their designated opponent in ONE circle with a judges monitoring it.
3. Dancers will engage in BATTLE by either opponent calling the other out.
4. It is up to the dancers to confront their opponent within the timeframe of the 30-minute heats.
5. Battles go for a MINIMUM of 3 rounds to a MAXIMUM of 5 rounds and no more.
6. Judges who are already present, will immediately score 3 points to the winner and give 1 to the loser.
7. After your BATTLE is finished, you no longer will have to sit out and/or go home if you lose. REGARDLESS if you are a winner or loser, you still have the remaining time in your heat to accumulate more points depending on how well you throwdown in the CIPHER which the judges will be watching.
8. Judges use a system of scoring your CIPHER throwdown anywhere between 1-5 points. 1 being least impressive to 5 being straight BURNER. (*To Burn is a term adopted in Hiphop culture that is the definition of destroying something)
9. Accumulate as many points as you can in the CIPHER!
10. Showcase your skills in any way you feel fit. Show your moves in a straight forward display of finese, character, and dynamic style -OR- call out anyone in the circle to add that BATTLE flavour! Even if it's not your designated opponent, we encourage more call-outs as the purpose of this event is to learn how to BURN by getting BURNT!
11. After one 30-minute heat, all scores are collected by BURN CIRCUIT staff (BATTLE scores and accumulated CIPHER scores) which are tallied together to find the heats most prominent b-boy or b-girl. Winners of the BATTLE are paired up against other winners, whilst those who lost their battles will be paired with other losers to match one's skill accordingly.
12. Rinse and repeat all 12-steps until all heats are compeleted.

Registration is $10 at the door (AUDIENCE AND BATTLE REGISTRATION)

MC: Lamaroc
DJ: K-Boogs
Breaking Judges: Cole & Watto
All-Style Judges: TBA