2 years ago

19 October, 2016

UTS: University of Technology Sydney

Organised by:
Hip Hop Society

Ay yo, it's UTS Hiphop Society AGM time! It's 2016 goin' on 2017 and we need to stay fresh to death. 2017 Executive Positions for UTS Hiphop Society are up for grabs!

WHEN: 3-5 PM
WHERE: UTS THEATRE LOUNGE (behind Tower Building food court, near The Underground UTS)

Positions to fill:
President ~ Current Hyok Park
Vice-President ~ Current Crystal Valdez
Treasurer ~ Current Monicae Tobias
Secretary ~ Current Marco Foo
Public Relations/Communications ~ Current Denise Chan
Design/Graphics ~ Current Kai Reid
Media/Photography ~ Current Gideon Chung
Events ~ Current Emily Cheung & Clare Tampi
General Executives ~ New position to fill for 2017, you're official water-boys/girls for Hiphop Society

Want to know more about available positions?
Hit up the current executives for more info about their respective positions OR keep an eye out for posts on this event from yours truly!

Want to nominate someone or yourself?
POTS IT, COMMENT, MAKE IT OFFICIAL. Don't be shy, first in are winners!