1 year ago

17 November, 2016

The Underground UTS

Organised by:
Hip Hop Society

UTS Hiphop Society is proud to present to you our final event of the year, ChessBoxin! Come down for a chill night with good music, good vibes and good people. Is there a better way to finish off the semester? There isn't. So come.


WHEN: Thursday 17th November
TIME: 6pm-10pm
WHERE: The Underground UTS

ENTRY + REGISTRATION FEE: $5 for Everyone!


3v3 Popping
4v4 Breaking
Each team must include at least ONE tertiary student to enter!

Pre-rego by posting up your Team Name plus Members on the event page! We are only accepting 16 teams for each battle, so first in first serve!

Don't think! Just do it! Pre-rego now!


MCs: Fashion Nibblers (Hyok and Crystal)

DJ: DJ Dumplings

* Lowe

*Lay Curious
*Poppin Yon

*$200 Breaking
*$150 Popping

Registered Teams:
1. The 4 Venoms (Moon, Jajun, Rei, Tango)
2. University E-Boys (Paulo, Harry, Gerard, Patrick)
3. Hybrid Formz (Jamie Jazzy, V-flow, Taz +1 Spot Pending)
4. Breakin Borders (Eddie, Chico, +2)
5. Unforgettable (Matthew, Koh, Tomohito and 김수군 (Baco)
6. Make Australia Great Again (Alexander, Ting, Shuhei and Anson)
7. Breaking NLB (Laurie, Jeff, Ama, Gino)
8. Untitled (Lawrence, Cat, Akorn, Knox)
9. Get Down Crew (Josfer, Jp, Mathew Vo, Kirk YouOne Icao)
10. 143 Liverpool Street Familia (Sammy Sex, Run Jay, Made and Johnson)

1. AUX (Johann, Boogaloo Mac, Kris Gusti)
2. Delay No More (许佳劼, Robert , K boogz)
3. Duty Free Shop (Tennis, Airport & Jagermeifer)
4. Fake Boogie (Roshan, Shawn, Feng)
5. Team Guangdong (Johnny, Cyclone, Eakee)
6. Pokemon Starter Pack (Charlene, Tripti, Annie)
7. Triceps (Tiffany, Peter, Anthony)
8. Funky Bosses (DBoogie, Skye Boogie and Popping Addison)
9. Keep Real Life (Steve, Zoey, Jayson)
10. Ganga (Sunny Bao Kivin)
11. Baddies (Azzam, Jamie Jazz, Taz Dillinger)
12. Phonetic Poppers (Ling Dong, Jayshaun, MakAttack)
13. The Crazy Insane Flying Monkey Space Invaders (Something on my back, OG Feeerrriiinngg, Captain Mystery)
14. Two and a half men (Nivek, Miguel, Peggy)

This event is proudly supported by Activate UTS.