2 years ago

13 October, 2016


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Ultimate Frisbee

The big meeting everyone has been waiting for...

- Presidents report
- Treasury report
- Members feedback session
- Nominations and seconds for new executive
- Voting
- Post AGM throws/drinks

In preparation for 2017, we will be holding an annual general meeting to elect a new executive and help said executive take their first steps with member feedback.

Feedback link: https://goo.gl/forms/LTrrBdOKDhwxMvYm1

Information regarding postal votes will be announced shortly.

In the meantime, please seriously consider putting yourself forwards for one of the positions (descriptions below). Please consider whether you will be around for the whole year, and if you are able to dedicate part of your time towards the future of UTS Ultimate.

Experience is a plus but not at all necessary; more important is that you enjoy your time with UTS Ultimate and want to give something back.

If you'd like to be considered for a position please fill out the following form: https://goo.gl/forms/VViyOJX2BAk26hgG3.

Positions available (Current in brackets):

- President (Mark Wee): responsible for the overall direction of the club, delegating tasks and liasing with UTS Sports Office.

- Vice-President (Matt Stanley): "doing whatever the President can't be bothered to do". May focus on a specific aspect to develop within the club. The VP position is quite flexible.

- Secretary (Breanne Watiwat): maintaining club membership lists, taking minutes and booking meeting rooms.

- Treasurer (Adrian Todd): maintain club accounts and authorise payments/refunds for equipment, expenses.

- Development Officer (Mel Boudib): promote player development, source coaches/selectors, organise tournaments and league teams

- IT/Communications (Amy Chang): maintain the club's social media presence.

- Socials (Kirsty Welfare): plan socials (post training, start/end of semester yada yada) and ensure everyone has a good time at socials. Liaise with other universities social representative for any joint events.

(note: all positions are vacated and then voted on. If someone currently holds a position and wishes to continue in that capacity they still need to be re-elected. Positions run for 1 year so please consider if you'll be around for the whole year.)