1 year ago

16 December, 2016

The Chippo Hotel

Organised by:
Ultimate Frisbee

listen up this is a high jacking!
your previous exec have organised a wonderful dinner in the central city area to celebrate another year of Frisbee, fun and friends but seeing as they no longer have control of this page this is now officially our event :P As the dinner sounds delicious and we like nothing better than eating ourselves into immobilisation we are going to kick off the night at 7pm BUT the night shall not end there
contradictory to our previous statements we cannot condone the action of eating oneself to immobilisation so we have organised some post dinner activity in the form of boogieing, drinking and other acitvites to be announced.
Come, Drink, Dance, get a lil freaky and celebrate another great year of failing your exams and playing Frisbee (the link between these two things are not proven and we take no responsibility for you getting to play another year of fris). Date is not set in stone so if you can’t make it but wanna be there (let’s be honest who doesn’t) then vote in our pol!! We want as many of your lovely faces there as possible. And don’t forget click 'going' if you’re coming so we can do all that organisation stuff.
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