2 years ago

14 April, 2016

The Underground UTS

Organised by:
Ski & Board


To the inaugural SKIBUTS event for 2016! With uni back for a couple of weeks already it's time to forget about that first essay that's due or the fact that you've already spent two weeks of your life at home and forgotten to go to a single class. You can finally attend something...

The SKIBUTS Arvo sesh, kicking off at 4:30pm at the UTS Underground (the bar at the bottom of the tower building - still no idea where it is... Get a map) we say this but we will seriously be kicking on well in to the night as the crew carrying over from last year have some serious stamina. There will be beer pong, drinking games (read up on 7, 11 or doubles) and an introduction to your committee for 2016.

The intention of getting well sauced is ingrained in our nature and I can assure you it will be on full display for the first party of the semester. It'll provide you with the opportunity to network and discuss other SKIBUTS events, meet new people and put in the ground work with a group of people who can potentially end up being life long mates.

Tickets can be bought on the door for $10 along with ticket stalls at uni (which will be disclosed at a later date). They can also be bought online as of the 21st of March. Should you have signed up on O'day and have purchased your ticket already then you are sorted, time to gee up and get up for it.

For those that bought t-shirts on O'day this is your opportunity to collect them, we have two colours for you to choose from, so get in early so you get the one you want!

We look forward to getting a glimpse of the 2016 off slope form of this cohort of grommets, get your tickets now they're coming in red hot!