2 years ago

4 September, 2016

Blacktown International Sportspark Sydney

Organised by:
AFL Mens (The Bats)

This weekend two mighty teams take on the Grand Final at Blacktown.

Division 4 have had a dream final run after finishing 5th in the main season. Hard fought games have seen the team enter the Grand Final and are ready to complete the streak.

The Shanrocks have worked hard all season despite being underestimated. At the season start they were told they're too old to contend for the flag. Fast fowrd to the end of the season and they're undefeated and have taken home the minor premiership for the first time. Now they're off to their maiden Grand Final appearance and are hungry to make history.

Games are at Blacktown ISP with $10 entry. Schedule is:

UTS Bats Div 4 vs Camden Cats

4:30 pm
UTS Shamrocks vs Wollongong Saints

Let's get around these two mighty teams!!