2 years ago

10 May, 2016

The Loft UTS

Organised by:
Writers Society

Words to poetry
Is like wind to farting

Hey folks, if you looked at that poem and thought “damn son, them were some sweet flows” then you should probably head to our first 2016 Lofty Words!

Lofty Words is an open mic hosted by the UTS Writers Society for anyone who has a mouth and brain to share their prose, poetry, comedy, songs and whatever other silly things you guys can think of! Loft Words is a great, safe space to share you works in front of other people.

It’s going to be held at UTS Bar Loft. Entry is $5 for member, $10 for non-members and will perhaps include a cheeky bar-tab!

Sign ups will be available at the start of the night, but you’ll still get a chance to jump on stage if you can’t come on time!

So get your beautiful faces down there as a performer or part of the audience!

Much love an sexy magic, your executive