2 years ago

7 September, 2016

The Loft UTS

Organised by:
Writers Society

Oh shiiiiiiiiiiit!

We’re back beautiful people for another session of Lofty Words

Lofty Words is a safe, beautiful, definitely not moist space for writers to bring their wonderful words, poems, sketches, songs, shopping lists, deleted google history and slam it out on stage.

You can also just come along, kick back in the audience and support.

Entry is $5 for members $10 for everyone else

There will be a bar tab so Lofty Words will probably turn into Drunken Words and eventually Oh-god-everything-my-life-is-such-a-hot-mess-where-did-this-kebab-come-from Words

If you’re interested in performing please shoot us a Facebook message so we can put you on the dock or show up on the night because there will be space for you!