2 years ago

16 May, 2016

UTS: University of Technology Sydney

Organised by:
Kung Fu Club (UTS KFC)

UTS KFC x UTS Chinese Med Society: Calligraphy Yoga and Yang Mian internal Martial Arts Introduction Seminar

Date: 16/5/2016 Monday


Location : UTS Building 2, Level 5 Room B2.05.40
(The entrance from UTS tower Building )

Cost : Free

Speaker: Sean Davis [TCM practitioner]
Max Hahn [Martial Arts and Calligraphy Yoga Instructor]
(Representatives of Master Yang)

You are invited to an introduction and practical encounter with Calligraphy Yoga and Yang Mian internal Martial Arts.
A deeper and embodied understanding of the movement of qi, blood and thought through specific postures, movements and breathing methods is explored.

The first half of the introduction will be directed at those with basic knowledge of Traditonal Chinese systems of energy. Acupoints, Meridians(jing luo), energy centres such as the dan tien, and concepts such as Yi( intention)will be covered during the course of the evening. Concepts such as chan si gong( silk reeling), Yi Ji Jing( marrow and tendon changing),

Daoyin(static qi gong), Nei gong( fetal gong) will also be delved into depending on time and knowledge level.

The second half of the introduction will look at the athletic and dynamic applications of Master Yang's internal system. Internal development for greater force generation, energy transfer, impact absorbtion, and fluid motion will be demonstrated.

There will be an opportunity to feel and experience the energy and natural body movements key to developing a unified, fluid and powerful body. As with the first session a greater understanding of energy(qi), blood and mental focus from a traditional Chinese perspective will be explored