2 years ago

9 July, 2016

O Bal Tan BBQ

Organised by:
UTS Korean Society (UKA)

Hi UKA people!!

UTS Korean Association has chosen a post exam KBBQ and Karaoke day to celebrate the end of Semester 1! We know how much hard work you have put into finishing your final assignments and assessments and the tremendous amount of stress you are all going through, so we thought it would be great if we could help relieve it all through amazingly good food and music! Also, this is another great chance to make new friends and other members of our society!

Please join us on this very exciting day we anticipate! Click GOING if you are definitely coming so that we are aware of how many people are able to turn up on the day!

Thanks guys and we hope to see you there!

**$20 will be collected for the dinner, but may be subject to changes (increase OR decrease).
**It is not compulsory for everyone, and estimated cost per person will be $5~$10.