2 years ago

4 October, 2016

UTS Tower, Building 1, level 3A (CB01.03A)

Organised by:
UTS Korean Society (UKA)

Hello Everyone~
Feeling hungry, thirsty, and in need for entertainment? We are opening an event to showcase a little bit of the fun Korean culture through mini game stations and activities! Don't walk past us, come to us! We guarantee lots of fun and most importantly a variety of FREE Tea and Snacks!!! We are open to all UTS associates and any gold coin donations are gladly welcome~
Hope to see you guys there!

We are proudly sponsored by 'Activate Clubs' and would not have been here without them. Shoutout to their enormous support to spread cultural experiences to all UTS associates!!!

안녕하세요 유카 여러분!

10월4일 화요일 9시부터 메인빌딩 3층에서 한국의 문화를 체험하고 또 즐길수있는 한국 전통 놀이와 다과를 공짜로 즐길수있는 Korean Board Game Cafe + Free Tea and Snacks Day가 열릴예정입니다!

유카에서 정말 열심히 정성을 들여 준비했으니 많이많이 찾아와주세요~ 10시부터 5시 아무때나 인사하러 오세요~ 임원들이 무척 기뻐 할 겁니다! :)