2 years ago

3 March, 2016

Building 2, Level 5, Room 38 - UTS Broadway

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Your Uni adventure starts in 3, 2, or 1...

After an awesome first Embark, with over 20 first years, intriquing seminars and the chance to meet lots of people over dinner - we invite you to EMBARK 2 ! All welcome, new and returning students.

Held over Thursday arvo / evening in the weeks before semester, each Embark will include a seminar to get you uni-ready, delicious food over dinner time, and concludes with a Bible talk.

The seminars (starting 4pm) at Embark 2 are:
1. 'Get Ahead at Uni: top tips from Credo leaders' (for 1st yrs coming to Embark for the first time)

2. A Christian "Handbook” for the Internet Age

3. 'The Rationality of Faith: why belief makes sense at uni, even in science'

Invite your UTS friends and come along. We hope to see you there!